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Stardock Fances Pro Full Version

Fences (Stardock) adalah aplikasi yang akan membantu kamu mengorganisir tampilan desktop komputer kamu dan dapat menyembunyikan icon nya ketika tidak digunakan. Fences mengatur desktop komputer kamu dengan membuat area bayangan yang dapat dipindahkan dan diganti ukuran icon nya. Double klik jarak yang kosong di desktop komputer kamu dan semua fences akan keluar dan balik lagi. 

Bagi yang mau coba, silahkan download pada link di bawah ini :

Download | Stardock Fances Pro Full Version

With Fences Pro, you can specify a default Fence for all new icons to go to. By utilizing rules (as detailed below), you can also customize this setting based on the time of day, day of the week, or what program you are currently using.

Rules: Easy, automatic desktop organization Want a fence to help keep track of all your recent documents? Done. Another for your web links? All set. Another for your downloads? A click away, and maintained for you automatically. Fences Pro\’s organization settings allow you to quickly and easily define rules that govern where new icons get placed. Additionally, you can also have rules that are applied at all times, keeping your desktop organized 24/7.

Sort your fences Fences Pro includes the ability to sort icons within fences, by any of the usual categories such as name, type and date modified. Additional options unique to Fences, it can also sort your icons by the date added to the fence, or the number of times used, keeping your most accessed items in front.

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